Time To Take Stock Of Your Health Status


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It’s been almost a fortnight after New Year 2013 and after a month of solid holidaying with sumptous meals and drinks in between Christmas and New Year Day Celebration, I am sure many people have actually put on a considerable amount of weight to their body.

It’s Time To Take Stock Of Your Health Status

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Is Traveling or Vacationing Good For Health?

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

 My apology to all my visitors here who have been following me for some times and also to those who were referred here. I was WorldVentures Holiday“distracted” like any other people with challenges and had been trying to rectify it ever since.

During these period of time, my waistline increases by 2 inches and my health deteriorate a little due to lack of exercise, taking lesser supplements and most critical of all, not getting enough sleep due to anxiety and lack of concentration. All a NO-NO in life to be healthy!

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Stress Symptoms and Relief Techniques

Guest Article by Rina S

Stress effects are not limited to mental pressure and strains that one faces in daily life but they are extended to the bodily pain and energy constraints. Today’s busy schedule makes one to experience excessive mental pressure, worries, tension and anxiety that disturb the normal lifestyle and habits. Stress usually happens when an external consequence affect one’s mind that exceeds their tolerance capacity causing strain in thinking and congested in mind with a mild pain.

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Sleep Plus Proper Rest Gives You Health

Sleep Plus Proper Rest Gives You Health !

Our human body is an intelligent piece of mechanism that is able to function on its own and yet it requires each organ to carry out its own special role.

As the human body is not a machine, it is natural that it need to rest. It can only happens when we are asleep. As such we must not neglect it by failing to have proper or sufficient rest or they will crumble and cause health challenges.

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Are You Overdoing It With Fast Food?

Author: TycoonMarketing

Forty-two percent of Americans eat fast food at least every other day. People consume more calories and receive less nutrition at drive-in counter at junk food restaurants than in any other meal situation. Perhaps fast food can be a small part of a healthy eating plan, but most people simply eat way too much of these stuff.

According to a recent article in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, Americans’ overindulgence in junk food and drive-in restaurants implies that nearly half of the US population is eating junk food three times or more each week! This report reveals that young people, between 10 to 39 years old, eat the most fast food. In the past, such adolescents have only eaten fast food about twice weekly. Fast food consumption is on the rise!

What effect does this have on overall diet? Children, adolescents and adults who consume junk food consistently eat far less fruit, vegetables, dairy and legumes than those who avoid the junk food restaurants all together. Fast food eaters chow down on more fried foods (french fries?) and slurp down more sugary soft drinks (Large size?). More fast food means that consumption of calories, saturated fat and sodium goes up, while intake of vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene and fiber go down.

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Lack Of Nutrients In Your Body

Lack Of Nutrients In Your Body

Everyone knows that the human body needs a certain amount of  vitamins and minerals daily in order to function properly and remain healthy.  A well balanced diet do supply your body with the vitamins it needs but if there is a lack of it, problems and disorders will arise. That is when your body starts showing signs of discomfort and what’s-not.

For people who do not get enough of nutrients in their body, they probably will lack vitamins and as a result they feel tired easily or they experience loss of appetite. More severe symptoms could involve mental and emotional stress, chapped lips, and other irritable or painful sensations.

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Can You Really ‘Pay It Forward’ ?

Wow, what a fast start for the year 2011 !  I actually started ‘work’ on the 2nd day of this New Year by attending a business training conducted by our System Group. 300 or more business owners including a handful of Millionaires makes the atmosphere very exciting and there was an exuberance of gratitude’s given by those being recognised on stage.

This brought back memory of why I wanted to be involve in an MLM opportunity and why I joined this particular Network Marketing Group called STWW ( Success Together WorldWide ). It’s about the way they not only wants to make the money they want to make, but also how they can help many other people out there in terms of health, beauty and even survivability ( e.g. starving children, children with heart problem etc ). The model of their business is similar to a movie I watched before, its called “Pay It Forward’

It’s about a kid who have a very BIG DREAM but started small by helping 3 people whom he thinks would need his help. He do not need them to Pay Back whatever help he has rendered, but instead want them to PAY IT FORWARD to the 3 people they can help. This resulted into a leveraging growth of people getting assisted or about to be assisted and it became very phenomenal. Do your own math and you will know why. ( 1-3-9-27-81 ….. )

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