Lack Of Focus and Lethargy

My ApologyA thousand apologies to my regular readers or visitors of my blog for being insensitive about the need to update my blog periodically so that you can read or digest something for your health or whats-not.

To be frank, as an owner of several blogs and coupled with my slowness to improve my health after my major triple heart bypass surgery 18 months ago, it really affected me in a huge way when it comes to writing articles for my blog. My concentration level had dropped tremendously as I gets tired easily. Lately my eye gets dryer and tired even after 2 hours online. What I suspected most is that my medication is the real “culprit”. Have you any similar experiences?

My main concern for this blog is more on the communication aspect because each time an article was posted, there rarely is any feedback or comment from the visitors. Without it, there is no way of knowing whether my article sucks or is acceptable to the readers. What surprises me is that I have an average of 20 subscribers daily even though I had not posted any article for the past 2 months. Are these legitimate subscribers or Spammers? I have no answer!

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Is Traveling or Vacationing Good For Health?

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

 My apology to all my visitors here who have been following me for some times and also to those who were referred here. I was WorldVentures Holiday“distracted” like any other people with challenges and had been trying to rectify it ever since.

During these period of time, my waistline increases by 2 inches and my health deteriorate a little due to lack of exercise, taking lesser supplements and most critical of all, not getting enough sleep due to anxiety and lack of concentration. All a NO-NO in life to be healthy!

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Earn A Million Dollar Is Not A Dream !

Millionaire-make money

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For the past few months, I have seriously immersed myself to learning more about the Network Marketing Business or MLM Business that I am involved in and it really dawn on me that to Earn A Million Dollar Is Not A Dream !

Why did I say that ? The reason is that eversince I joined this System Group called ST, Success Together, I have seen the birth of at least 4 millionaires joining the rank. We have a total of almost 11 Millionaires in our System Group.

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Is Your Health Yours Alone ?


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To start off, my apology to those readers who have visited this blog and found that nothing much has improved lately. As human, we tend to procrastinate and I am not spared too. The reason being that I was attending to some of my stress-related activities which is causing some discomfort to my health, that is I am feeling dis-ease. In the long run, I am sure it will manifest into a full blown disease if I choose not to do anything about it. Why am I focusing on this matter ? This is due to a question I have always kept in mind eversince I gets involved in the Health Management arena. The question is “Is Your Health Yours Alone ? ”

Many times, when I spoke to a friend, relative, acquaintance or even stranger about Health Management or Maintenance, their respond is “Well, I am still young ?” or “Never mind, if I have to die then so be it !” or “I can always slim down by exercising”  These answers shows a huge degree of irresponsibility on the part of the person speaking it. The reason being that, if he or she gets sick, who else around them will be burden by it emotionally or financially etc ?

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Healthier Mindset Will Create A Better You

The past few days have been rather hectic due to activities that was included into my schedule in an endeavour to make this blog as exciting and informative as possible, and hoping that you will want to come back for more in the future.

After completion of the weight management program, the energy level that was felt by me was so refreshing that its like I’m back to my younger age. I truly believe that with a healthier mindset it will definitely create a better you !

Besides, preparing for articles to post into the blog, I was able to put in some time for simple exercises such as walking for half an hour or having a dumb bell routine for 15 minutes and even climbing 8 storey of staircase at least once a day, which I could not do during the past years due to weak and poor health which was complicated with medication, I believed.

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