My Testimonial

My TRA Testimonial

( Can You Spot Me In The Video? 😆 )

I would prefer to call it “My Weight Loss Experience” actually!

See how the TRA (The Right Approach) Weight Management Program can really transformed these people in the video (including myself) from XXL to L, M to XS.

After I went through the 3 months program, many of my health related problems actually “diminished” and I can also see other people regaining confidence and energy like they never experience before.

Most importantly, those people still maintained their weight and figure 6 months to 2 years after they finishes their program. Hint: You can find me somewhere near the middle of the video!

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I am not selling the product nor I am a representative of this company product anymore BUT I can still vouch that this is the only program in town which helped people to slim down healthily without starving, crash diet or vigorous exercise . Those who went through this program are now enjoying better health, better figure and had no rebound (yo-yo effect) for an extended period of time except for those people who changed their lifestyle after the program.

* NOTE : When you have improved your health with a nice body shape, DO NOT become complacent and starts going on an eating spree like what I did for 2 years after this program… I believed my heart congestion and failure in 2012 is due to this turn of event which I am 100% responsible for it. 

Unique Technology

Understand why Biophotonic Scanner is a useful tool that will complement your TRA Weight Management Program.


To find out more about this program and what it can really do for you,  you can visit Nuskin Weight Management Program and do your due diligence before embarking on the program. Yes, it is not cheap but effective!


As testimonials are sensitive information and could create confusion or unhappiness among people and company, I had decided NOT to append any more video here for the safety of this blog.

Thanks for your kind understanding!


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