Is Traveling or Vacationing Good For Health?

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

 My apology to all my visitors here who have been following me for some times and also to those who were referred here. I was WorldVentures Holiday“distracted” like any other people with challenges and had been trying to rectify it ever since.

During these period of time, my waistline increases by 2 inches and my health deteriorate a little due to lack of exercise, taking lesser supplements and most critical of all, not getting enough sleep due to anxiety and lack of concentration. All a NO-NO in life to be healthy!

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Missing In Action ?

Doubt-Lost-ConfusedWow, unknowningly, I have not blogged for close to 5 months by now. What happened and why am I Missing In Action ?

I was busy preparing myself for the next revolutionary launch of our company product known as –> ageLOC

These past weeks have been an astounding one in which I come to realized why some people are more successful than others when they have the same number of 24 hours per day, its that Sense of Urgency when they sees an opportunity approach.

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The Year End Ritual : Goals Setting

Calendar-Goal Setting

geralt / Pixabay

December is a month when majority of people ( who have a plan in life ) will perform a year end ritual known as Goals Setting. However, there will be others who merely goes through the motion of creating one so that they feel less guilty for their mis-doing.

These group of people usually set a goal such as “to slim down by March 2010” but before end of January, would have given up by saying “Gosh, it’s so troublesome to do it or maybe I will start after Chinese New Year blah blah blah”  Sound familiar ?

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