If Health is an invaluable Asset, Invest in the SOQI bed

Health and Illness

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This easy-to-use contraption leaves you glowing with health!

With growing affluence and advancement in medicine, you would think that people are likely to be healthier than before. The irony is, we are not getting healthier, and with an ageing population, the situation is getting worse. Apart from the acute diseases such as cancer and cardiac failures, we are suffering increasingly from chronic illnesses due to a variety of factors – sedentary lifestyle (lack of exercise in other words), unhealthy diet, stress and environmental pollution. Acute and chronic diseases are affecting not just the middle-aged and senior folks, but the younger people these days are not spared these health problems. And some of them are walking time-bombs waiting to explode any time.

But there is a silver lining to these dark clouds. Problems can be resolved through awareness of what needs to be done, as well as determined effort and action.

Chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases can be prevented or controlled through proper diet, exercise and a less stressful lifestyle. All these three key factors combined can reduce our risks of getting these illnesses or even alleviate their effects.

We can maintain a healthy diet by eating a balanced meal comprising more vegetables and fruits, and less fried foods. Controlling our food intake is also important as over-eating leads to excessive weight or obesity.

Exercise is another key factor that can keep illnesses at bay.  The issue is, most people are either too busy or too lazy to exercise and to get adequate exercise as well. The hot and humid weather in tropical Singapore is also not conducive to outdoor exercise during certain hours. This explains the sprouting up of fitness clubs which cater to busy professionals who can only work out in the evening.

But there is still a segment of people who do not like exercising in fitness clubs, and who just cannot squeeze into their schedule some time to do some outdoor exercise such as brisk walking. What can these people do then?

Home exercise of course. And preferably do it while lying down without lifting a muscle. Perfect exercise for the lazy and busy souls.

If health is an invaluable asset, invest in the SOQI bed.

The SOQI Bed

One innovative company in Asia has developed an interesting bed – called the SOQI bed (SOlar + QI which SOQI Bed For Your Healthmeans energy) — that is outfitted with far infrared dome-shaped panels and also a machine (known as the Chi Machine) that shakes the supine body. While the heat from the far infrared energy increases the blood circulation and works out a sweat, the shaking motion has a chiropractor function, adjusting the spine to its optimal position, while the vibration also gives the body organs a good work out. The far infrared heat allows the body toxins to be discharged through perspiration.

Other benefits of using the Chi Machine include the body’s immunity and self-healing power through the production of immunoglobulin, as well as balancing the body’s autonomic nervous system which will improve the quality of sleep.

The Chi Machine not only benefits the middle-aged and old people, but also for those who cannot walk because of weak lumbar. Using it twice a day – once in the morning and once at night before bedtime – can help you to get a good night sleep, leaving you refreshed, and full of vigor and vitality the next day.  Fifteen minutes on the Chi machine is tantamount to walking 10,000 steps worth of oxygen intake.

With no pressure on the body whatsoever, the SOQI bed is an excellent, zero-injury exercise machine which is ideal for the senior folks with fragile bones and joints. The usage of the SOQI bed can be controlled electronically through a control panel that allows one to choose the time duration for either of the two energy functions.

The SOQI bed has been in the market for more than 10 years now. It is no cheap gadget as it is sold through a direct marketing platform. But our health is priceless and if you are looking to invest in your health, please take a look at this wonderful contraption which serves as a great long-term asset. Those who have invested in this bed will vouch for the rejuvenating if not dramatic effect on their health. A slimmer and healthier you is definitely guaranteed provided you make the effort to lie down on the SOQI bed at least once a day for 45 minutes.

For enquiries, please email the writer, Gwen at wandapwling{[ADD]}gmail.com

Here’s some testimonial for your perusal,

Testimonial for eczema using SOQI Bed

testimonial for stroke patient using SOQI Bed

Guest Author — Miss Gwen Ling ( wandapwling{[ADD]}gmail.com ) is a public-relations professional who believes in health maintenance as the way to keep illnesses at bay, and the need for some discipline to maintain good health. She’s a distributor of the SOQI brand of products, and all enquiries can be address to her directly.

# Please note that William Siong is not affiliated with the product or program mentioned above. Kindly do your due diligence when seeking help or assistance for your health challenges. Consult with your doctor or physician first before seeking other alternative ways to your problem.


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