Lack Of Nutrients In Your Body

Lack Of Nutrients In Your Body

Everyone knows that the human body needs a certain amount of  vitamins and minerals daily in order to function properly and remain healthy.  A well balanced diet do supply your body with the vitamins it needs but if there is a lack of it, problems and disorders will arise. That is when your body starts showing signs of discomfort and what’s-not.

For people who do not get enough of nutrients in their body, they probably will lack vitamins and as a result they feel tired easily or they experience loss of appetite. More severe symptoms could involve mental and emotional stress, chapped lips, and other irritable or painful sensations.

Vitamin deficiency can be cause by poor diet, alcoholism, stress, lack of fruits and vegetables intake, or main stream medicine that interferes with your digestive system. Common symptoms such as tiredness or listlessness are probably cause by the lack of vitamins or a weakening of the immune system of your body system.

When your body lacks vitamin, it affects your Immune system too. It will be quite safe to say that your anti-oxidant level in your body will be low too. In such cases, if no attempt is made to boost up your defense system, you will easily succumb to bacteria invasion. That’s the reason why some people seem to catch cold or cough much easily than others.

Even if you are following a healthy dieting regime, you should continue to take health supplements that continue to keep your body health in an optimal state as vitamins are a great back up source for your body. How would you know if your anti-oxidant is low?

There is 2 possible way.

1. The Invasive Way. Your blood is drawn and a piece of your skin tissue is scalped so that the Laboratory can do its necessary test to give you the result. And it’s pretty costly too.

2. The Non-Invasive Way. As far I as know, Pharmanex, owned by Nuskin have the only machine in the world that can measure anyone’s anti-oxidant score within 2 minutes using a Nobel Prize technology. The machine is known as Bio-Photonic Scanner. It returns a Score known as Skin Carotenoid Score (SCS) that indicates how good your immune system is.

It is a fact that our human body is lacking in nutrients due to the food that we consume today. Those foods that we took today have low nutrient counts as compared to those 50 to 60 years ago. To make it worse, many of us became obsessed taking fast foods which have been proven over and over again that they are not nutritious at all.

In order to compensate for the discrepancy, taking vitamins or health supplements will give us the necessary intake of nutrients that the body needs to function normally.

With the invention of sophisticated equipments as well as stringent research by scientists all over the world, the supplements that are available to you today can be an alternative backup nutrients for your body. However, it is still your job to find out which of these supplement products is effective and which are not.

As wellness is a very lucrative business, there are cases of unscrupulous merchants passing off lousy supplements as quality one through their hype-up advertisements.

Ask yourself some questions before you buy your health supplement products in the market:

1. How long have this company been selling these health products?

2. How do they quantify their products quality? How many scientists were involved creating it?

3. How safe were they? What kind of Quality process did they carry out to ensure its fit for human consumption?

4. Any regulatory board approved it?

5. Are they effective?

To feel or think that it works, like most people do, does not make you healthier. To be able to measure the difference (similar to a high blood pressure monitor) is truly the right way to justify the product usage.

Most important of all, you must believe that vitamins or health supplements can truly help your body to become healthier. If these theories were false, how could the health supplements industry becomes a billion dollar industry?

Get involve, if you must, with any of these reputable company (e.g. Forever Living, Amway, Nuskin etc ) and its only when you starts seeing those around you becoming healthier, then your belief level will skyrocket!

Your body is very precious therefore make it a point that it does not have a lack of nutrients despite your heavy schedule or commitments for the day.

 Jim Rohn once said “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

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