Stress Symptoms and Relief Techniques

Guest Article by Rina S

Stress effects are not limited to mental pressure and strains that one faces in daily life but they are extended to the bodily pain and energy constraints. Today’s busy schedule makes one to experience excessive mental pressure, worries, tension and anxiety that disturb the normal lifestyle and habits. Stress usually happens when an external consequence affect one’s mind that exceeds their tolerance capacity causing strain in thinking and congested in mind with a mild pain.


Stress, Headache


When one examines the stress symptoms they are more sensitive that slowly affect ones health as a whole. Stress symptoms include both physical and mental signs as follows.

Physical stress symptoms

  • Tiredness and restlessness
  • Headache, muscle tension in neck and shoulders,
  • Diarrhea and digestive problem,
  • Rapid heart palpitation,
  • Breathing difficulty,
  • Increased blood pressure.

Mental stress symptoms

  • Lack of concentration,
  • Negative feeling and inferiority sensation,
  • Short temperedness,
  • continual irritation,
  • Clinical depression and loneliness.



Stress relief techniques are many in numbers that are more effective that results in quick recovery to normal life style. First step one must take as a remedy to come out of stress is to analyze the cause and resolve the problem at once. So of the stress relief techniques are as follows

Meditation and yoga

meditationMeditation helps in controlling the overall body cleansing that removes the mental strain and pressure and brings in peace of mind at once. They widely help in temper management, controlling anger and fear fetching mind stability and tolerance capacity. Once the mind is brought under control they can help you in timely decision making and focus on work.

Yoga plays a major role in one’s life as they help in regulating one’s health with more added benefits such as increases blood circulation, body flexibility, muscle strength, builds stamina and build up good immune power.

Hobby ideas

Indulging one’s mind into hobby can help to divert the mind, reducing ones mental tension. A hobby can be of any sort such as collecting stamps, painting, relaxpainting, listening to music, playing an instrument, watching TV, gardening, playing with your friends or more. There are hands full of hobby lists one can get adapted to.

Perfect time management and work scheduling plans helps one to balance stressful situations of a day. Stress relief games and some recreational activities can help in reducing stress at once.


Guest Article by Rina S ( Accepted with thanks!)


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