Time To Take Stock Of Your Health Status


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It’s been almost a fortnight after New Year 2013 and after a month of solid holidaying with sumptous meals and drinks in between Christmas and New Year Day Celebration, I am sure many people have actually put on a considerable amount of weight to their body.

It’s Time To Take Stock Of Your Health Status

Most people goes into a self-denial regarding the need to shed a few pounds or kilograms of their weight despite the fact that they indeed needed one.

Some people does not even know that they are in poor health and will continue their existing lifestyle or diet until its too late someday. Don’t be like me! I was hospitalized after going for a simple medical examination for cold but it turns out to be a minor heart attack.

After almost 3 weeks of prognosis, scan and whats-not, the decision to opt for a Triple Heart Bypass Surgery was not a pleasant one. To ignore the operation is literally committing suicide. Guess I had no choice!

Luckily for my case, its complicated enough for me to be accepted by our nation most pioneer heart surgery centre and after much consideration, my surgeon gave the green light to operate on me.

Going through the Surgery process and recovery is not something I would recommend anyone to experience it. The recuperation stage is not that plain sailing and its the same situation for some patients who had gone through the same surgery.

As such, I made it a point to write an eBook to highlight the situation that I’ve gone through so that anyone reading it will understand the predicament, pain or agony that was experienced along the way and making an informed decision to do something to their own health from now on in order to Avoid “Volunteering” for a Heart Bypass Surgery!

HeartBypassThis eBook was price low so that everyone can afford to buy and read it (partly it act as a support for me to generate some income to recover my exorbitant medical fee for pre-surgery as well as post-surgery). Sadly to say, the response was so bad that I had it withdrawn from my ecommerce website. It left a bad taste that people without illness or complication will not ‘bother’ to read a book of this nature.

Nevertheless, I will try to dedicate some time from now on to append as many health related articles as possible for my visitors here so that they can do something about their health.

If you are interested in this ebook of mine, write me at Contactme {[add]}WilliamSiong[DOT] Com and I will forward it to you for FREE. I might even have to rewrite the content and change to a more enticing title too but please pardon my English grammar whilst reading.

A Health Tips For You

“Limit foods high in cholesterol, such as Liver and other organ meats, egg yolks, full-fat milk and whole milk”

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