Using E-Power To Improve Your Health

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With increasing research and new findings in medicine there is a universal rise in the Western nations of alternative medicine. In the Eastern part of the world, namely the Orient, some forms of alternative medicine has been practiced for many centuries. Part of this trend growing in the West may be due to the growth of medical education among people as well as the increased amount of travels by many people to different countries and regions. There are also more literature on such topic today and medical societies specializing in different forms of alternative medicine are now available.

Some of the most common forms of alternate medicine are:

  • Acupuncture
  • Homeopathy
  • Naturopathic medicine
  • Osteopathy

If you are someone seeking a way to enhance your body health, you might want to consider this recommendation provided by Gwen Ling, a guest blogger…


Let E-Power Keep You in the Pink of Health….
… you watch TV, read or sleep

Doctors are incredibly busy these days seeing patients with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension. If untreated, these diseases can either be silent killers or wreak havoc, leaving a trail of destruction in terms of heart attack, stroke or gangrene afflictions.

Western medicine is armed with a wide array of drugs to help patients


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counter these issues. But most of these medications have negative side effects which are not often talked about. Besides eating a healthy diet (a balanced meal comprising more vegetables and fruits, and less fried foods), engaging in suitable and regular exercise, what else can one do to address these health issues?

E-Power Health Machine

Hsin Tien International’s health machine - E-PowerI highly recommend Hsin Tien International’s health machine, the E-Power, a remarkable gadget which is easy to use, non-intrusive and is effective, especially for improving the health conditions of those with high blood sugar, high cholesterol and high blood pressure (the so-called 3 Highs).

 E-Power will also benefit people with insomnia and those suffering from frozen shoulder and backaches/joint pains. While the response varies according to the person, consistent   use of the machine for at least one hour daily should reap the desired outcome. I have been using the E-Power machine for almost a year now, and I have seen my LDL drop while HDL improve. Besides having lower bad cholesterol level, I get better sleep and I am more energized after using the machine.

How E-Power Benefits Your Health
Using high-frequency and negative voltage, the E-Power strengthens our body’s immunity system and self-healing power by balancing the concentration of ions present in our cell membrane. Negative Potential Energy is also needed to increase the permeability of cell membranes and enhance the composition of ATP. The enzyme of ATP are responsible for transporting chemical energy within our cells for our metabolism. The E-Power gives our cells the energy they need so they can function at their best increasing their intake of nutrients and oxygen and getting rid of wastes!  

With a frequency vibration of 70 KHz, the temperature below our skin rises by 2 Degree C, hence increasing our body fat metabolism rate by 26%. Acidic residues stuck on the walls of blood capillaries will thus be removed, reducing vascular diseases.

The E-Power can rapidly normalize the cells in the central nervous system, keeping blood PH at a healthy balanced level, relieving stress and insomnia, and allowing total relaxation of our body. In addition, the digestive function works better with improved nutrient absorption and waste discharge functions.

Overall the body’s cellular functions are strengthened, and there is increased energy and vitality. E-Power helps your skin to regain its glow and youthfulness and is effective in body slimming.

The E-Power has been used throughout Japan for over 20 years with no side effects and is listed with the FDA as a Class One Device as an Electronic Therapeutic Massager, and with Health Canada as a Class II Medical Device in Canada. Research has been done at the Convalescent Hospital in China and found to beneficial to those who suffer with Insomnia, Arthritis and Arthrodynia.

The E-Power machine is portable and convenient, and comes with an energy wand, a tool which is designed to stimulate the meridians of the body promoting a healthy flow of chi!

Contributed by Gwen Ling. For enquiries, please email the writer, Gwen at wandapwling{[ADD]}

seperator barGuest Author — Miss Gwen Ling ( wandapwling{[ADD]} ) is a public-relations professional who believes in health maintenance as the way to keep illnesses at bay, and the need for some discipline to maintain good health.

# Please note that William Siong is not affiliate with the product or program mentioned above. Kindly do your due diligence when seeking help or assistance for your health challenges. Consult with your doctor or physician first before seeking other alternative ways to your problem.


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  1. Hi,
    E-power machine really looks promising to improve the health. Many people are suffering from insomnia nowadays due to high-stress levels. E-power will definitely help people with severe stress.

  2. Good Article ! I am Really inspired by your writing.It can help many people. It’s very beneficial advantages of technology. thanks for sharing info !

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