What In The World Is Arrhythmia?

 When I was assigned an appointment from my Surgeon to pay a visit to my Arrhythmia Cardiologist, I was unsure what Arrhythmia mean?

 What Is Arrhythmia ?

It simply means “Irregular Heartbeats”. But this symptom is deem as serious because a patient can have sudden death syndrome because of this health condition. After reading some articles about it, the impression I have is that if anyone’s heart function is less than 35% effectiveness then they are deem to be suffering from Arrhythmia.

Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator  or ICDThe best way to prevent sudden death syndrome is to have a battery implant into your skin to keep track of your heart rate. They are known as Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator  or ICD.

Did I implant one for my case? No, partly because I was angry with the cardiologist for not being tactful with my case. I had improved my heart efficiency from 25% to 29% after the surgery and later to 32% after my rehabilitation exercise routine of 16 sessions but still he insisted that I needed one. When questioned what’s if I can improved to more than 35% after period of time, he replied with a quick Yes! and I was really perturbed, not because of the potential $14K to $16K expenses but because of his eagerness to “close the sales”.

He might have a point there but what about those medical opinions that indicate that above 35% may not need one? There is a website regarding the prevention of Arrhythmia and its a good read!

I have always believed that you know your body better than any doctor on the face of this earth and at times, our judgment must be correct. As for my case, the thoughtless and unsincere feelings I derived from my conversation with the Arrhythmia Cardiologist is that he is only more concern with the procedure than my worries of further health challenges and financial strain!

Update on my Heart Condition as of 6 September 2013

It was the best news I’ve got after my episode with the Arrhythmia Specialist (as describe above) on March this year! My latest LVEF (Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction) which was derived after another round of echocardiography with contrast was 40% , a huge improvement for my heart function.

I do agree that my health is still weak and that constant exercise is necessary to maintain or improve its efficiency but it was a news that certainly soothe the heart!

As I was distracted with other matters lately, this blog has not been updated as frequent as I hope for. My apology for that! It is now my desire to write as many article pertaining to heart matters that I had learnt so far with my experiences gained during this period of time.

# Updated as at 20 Jan 2015. It’s been 2 years and I do not pant as much while walking these days except for that “floating” feeling which still persist. My incision is not very sensitive as before but will still ache when there is an impending storm approaching or when the room is very cold.

# Leave comment on the above if you have any. Your sharing will be greatly appreciated!

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