What Is Diabetes And The Possible Cure

Diabetes Treatment

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Many people are afflicted with diabetes these days so it is essential that you know exactly what it is in order to take precautionary measures to prevent getting it yourself!

In simpler terms, “diabetes” is the inability of the body to process sugars properly. When we eat or drink, our “pancreas” produces a hormone called “insulin”. Insulin is released into the blood and helps to regulate the amount of glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream. Diabetes is a condition where this process does not function correctly.

The reason why diabetes occurs is because no insulin is being produced (often called Type 1 Diabetes) and this condition requires the sufferer to use insulin injections. However, there are sufferer whose “pancreas” is able to produce insulin but their body becomes resistant to it and this renders the insulin ineffective. Such a symptom is usually known as Type 2 Diabetes and is rapidly becoming more common in our affluent society.

The danger is that while diabetes is not immediately life threatening the long term effects of high blood sugar can be damaging to one’s health. Uncontrolled diabetes plus prolonged high blood sugar levels, in later part of life, can cause problems to many organs including the kidneys, eyes, nerves and the heart.

This may sound grim, however controlling blood sugar by a combination of medicine, diet and exercise will vastly reduce the long term complications. Based on the 2014 report by http://www.idf.org/diabetesatlas shows that 1 in every 12 people suffer from diabetes. Alarmingly half of these people do not even know they have it. Often, people with diabetes still looks no different from anyone else.

How do you find out if you have diabetes? The simplest way to check if you have diabetes is to arrange for a blood sugar check with your doctor. A tiny sample of blood, obtained by pricking a finger can be electronically checked using a small electronic tester.

A normal blood sugar level is generally between 72 – 126 mg/dl or 4 – 7

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mmol/l (where 1 mmol/l = 18mg/dl). If the body is unable to keep the blood sugar level within these limits, then diabetes is diagnosed. Diagnosis of diabetes can occur out of the blue during a routine check-up but more often, it is because the sufferer is experiencing the “symptoms” of diabetes. These symptoms can be many or few, mild or severe depending on the individual.

Diabetes Symptoms To Note:

Loss Of Weight – Glucose is a form of sugar which the human body needs, it is the body’s main fuel. Diabetics cannot process this properly so it passes into the urine and out of the body. Less fuel means the body’s reserve tissues are broken down to produce energy and that results in loss of weight.

Thirst – Diabetes sufferer often had dry mouth no matter how much water they drink. The problem is compounded when they drink huge amounts of sugary drinks without knowing about their health status. Of course this will result in increases of the blood sugar level thus leading to increased thirst.

Urinating More Often – Diabetes sufferers need to urinate often and pass large volumes of urine each time and sleep is constantly disrupted with frequent visits to the bathroom at night. Most diabetes sufferer made the mistake of thinking that all these urinating at night symptoms are due to increased thirst and drinking too much water. On the other hand, high sugar levels in the blood spill over into the urine and making it syrupy. To counter this physically, water is drawn from the body causing dehydration and therefore thirst prevail.

If you have experienced any of these symptoms above, it does not necessarily mean that you are diabetic however it is advisable that you visit a doctor to be sure about it. If it does turn out that you have diabetes, do not panic! Although, it come as a shock, it also means that you have to make some changes in your life. While it is incurable (as most doctor said) it can still be treated to reduced as much long term complications as possible. With proper dieting and lifestyle, the condition is usually stabilized.

By knowing exactly what diabetes is – and recognizing the symptoms early on – you can prevent it from ever building up within you. Start today by monitoring your health and daily eating habits. Or as they say, preventing is better than finding a cure later on!


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