What Is Grain And Is It Sabotaging Your Health

According to the dictionary,


    1. wheat or any other cultivated cereal used as food.
    2. a single fruit or seed of a cereal.


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Grains are small, hard, dry seeds, with or without attached hulls or fruit layers, harvested for human or animal consumption. Agronomists also call the plants producing such seeds “grain crops”. The two main types of commercial grain crops are cereals such as wheat and rye, and legumes such as beans and soybeans.

Dry grains are more durable than other staple foods so they are suited for industrial agriculture. They can be mechanically harvested, transported by rail or ship, stored for long periods in silos, and milled for flour or pressed for oil.

Grains Health Benefits

People who eat whole grains as part of a healthy diet have a reduced risk of some chronic diseases. They contain many nutrients, including fiber, B vitamins (thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and folate/folic acid ) and minerals (iron, magnesium and selenium).

Whole grains have more fiber and disease-fighting antioxidants. Whole grains are also a healthy way to control weight because they are less energy dense (provide less calories per amount of food) and help you feel full longer on fewer calories.

The fiber in certain whole grains, such as oats and barley, helps reduce your cholesterol levels and may lower your risk for heart disease. Fiber also helps reduce constipation, maintain bone and muscle health and keep your immune system healthy.

The recommended amount of fiber per day for an adult is 25 grams, yet the average American’s intake is only half of that – about 12 grams per day. Refined foods are often the culprits, making up a staggering 85 percent of the grains Americans eat. Here are some tips to work whole grains and fiber into your diet:


However, there is another school of thoughts about grain in the industry. According to Grain Free Living , eating grains can actually cause us to have health challenges in the long run. We have to understand what exactly grain is and what it does to our body health. Go visit the site to have an idea of what the list is about and why a grain-free diet will be a better choice.

Dairy products, or anything from an animal like milk, cheese, butter or meat do not contain grains.

All fruits and vegetables are not grains, (except for corn, which is a grain).

Mike Geary, famous for his work about abs, also wrote an ebook regarding grains matter which is catching my attention too. For more info, use the QR CODE or click on the link below.

In conclusion :

It seems like there are two school of thoughts today regarding grains benefit and it would be hard for you to make a choice once you knew both existed. As for people who are unaware of it, they will live life eating what they knew is best for them after all.

As for myself, I am exploring the possibilities that grain is actually ‘bad’ for my health after finding out about this topic. Reason – I had been cutting down on meats and oily food to the most minimal consumption for close to 5 years by now. And I am eating lots of wholemeal bread all this while, with occasional meal consisting of carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes, barley and oat meal instead of rice YET I can feel my health is deteriorating.

I seems to have become more lethargic, more aching of the bodies muscle and lately even both knees were feeling the ache when exercising or walking down the staircase. I gets tired superbly fast and had that “getting old” feeling. I’m 55 next month.

Seems like my healthy living did not helps much despite having these ‘precautionary’ measures. I do take supplements which use to energize my body but wonders if its still effective at all.

I stumbled upon The Fat Burning Kitchen by Mike Geary and have those AHA moments when reading his ebook which I will follow to see if its workable.

IF you are having similar situation like mine and want to know more about what grain is and whether it is sabotaging your health, or even to verify if your healthy diets is really what it was meant to be then I suggest you look into this program to ‘rescue’ your body back to health at the soonest possible time.

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